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Slumdog Bacterianaire

Posted: 31st May 2011 by admin in Superbug Pandemic

Just when we thought the identification of superbug NDM-1 in the New Delhi water supply was bad, there’s a vicious outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) in Germany, with suspected cases cropping up all over Europe. <information on both the human toll and political fallout> Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, France and Switzerland […]

New Delhi Superbug

Posted: 29th May 2011 by admin in Superbug Pandemic

While it doesn’t seem to be wiping out any populations yet, a gene known as NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase) has been identified in the New Delhi water supply and classified as a superbug. <information on the nature of the bug and of New Delhi’s response> <elaboration on the study which identified NDM-1> The gene’s danger […]

NASA’s Asteroid field trip

Posted: 22nd May 2011 by admin in Climate Change

 The University of Arizona is seeking a NASA contract for a mission to send an unmanned craft to the asteroid designated 1999 RQ36. <read why UA and NASA are curious about the nature of asteroids within our solar sytem> The craft would take samples of the asteroid and return them to Earth for study (hopefully under […]

Judgement Day already? Did I miss it?

Posted: 21st May 2011 by admin in Climate Change

May 21st 2011 at 6pm? It’s come and gone with no more chaos than your standard daily Terran fare. It was never nearly as much “Apocalypse” in the news as it was an excuse to scrutinize some religious eccentrics. And while the earthquakes and tsunamis predicted by Harold Camping failed to appear, his betrayal of trust […]

A recently finished film, appropriately titled “When Aliens Attack”, gives serious treatment to the question of what might happen in the event of contact with a hostile extraterrestrial force. <read about the production and content of the film> Interviews are provided with historians, anthropologists and military academics. The film presents a hypothetical timeline, commencing just […]

In case of Zombie, break glass

Posted: 16th May 2011 by admin in Zombie Outbreak

May 16th 2011 the American CDC (Centre for Disease Control) announced its advice to the public on what emergency measures to take before and during a zombie outbreak. All hypothetically speaking, of course (…?). <view the CDC’s advice on zombies and how to survive an outbreak – before it’s too late> As a way to […]