It slices, it dices – it protects you from the horde!

Posted: 27th November 2011 by Max Plissken in Zombie Outbreak

This year saw the design and publication of the “Vagabond Mobile Safe House Device” (v.MSHD). Unlike many conceptual zombie shelters, which are based on a massive scale, the Vagabond is designed to be easily portable by one person and able to be erected in 3 minutes.

The Vagabond is a passive defense structure, intended to keep a few people safe from zombie assault until the danger has either moved on or been neutralised. Its structure is designed to remain sturdy and grounded during rampages by the living impaired, and it contains systems for independent power generation and air recycling. Its exterior surface is highly reflective, allowing for added camouflage.

While the Vagabond is an extremely innovative design, we believe some independent testing is required to confirm its abilities, prior to mass production. The concrete bolts which anchor the shelter to the ground are only as strong as the ground on which the shelter is planted. In other words, the shelter might be uprooted if placed on unfirm ground. And even if it is anchored to solid concrete, a zombie horde is capable of exerting tremendous kinetic force. The shelter’s camouflage design raises the question of which senses zombies use to find food, and how effective such camouflage would be.

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