Post-apocalyptic penthouses?

Posted: 27th November 2011 by Max Plissken in Uncategorized

The Vivos company, run by Robert Vicino, is in the process of constructing a series of massive underground shelters which can allegedly withstand the effects of multiple apocalyptic scenarios for up to a year.

 The shelters are designed to be deep underground and completely sealed from outside incursion/infection. They will stock sufficient supplies for one year of post-apocalyptic isolation, as well as using extensive recycling systems. Two Vivos shelters are claimed to be almost functional, with another ten being planned. Prices for a doorpass through the fortified entrances range from US$50,000 to $10,000. The shelters vary in capacity from a few hundred to a thousand.

While Apocalypse University is wary of justifications like Nostradamus or the Third Secret of Fatima, the shelters themselves are, to quote a phrase, just what the doctor ordered. Long-term survivability in a secure environment is the very essence of surviving the apocalypse. Not all of us can afford the fee, of course, and not all of us live in the USA. So the Vivos shelters are a good start, but only for the envisaged 6,000 people they can accommodate. Other companies are making similar enterprises, having noticed a skyrocketing demand for such insurance in recent years.

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