How terminal is 2012?

Posted: 7th December 2011 by Max Plissken in Uncategorized

As the world approaches 2012, we are being presented with a flurry of apocalypse theories. A sizeable and popular proportion of these theories are based around doomsday convictions which hold 21st December 2012 as a reliable date for the End of Days. Most of the postulated apocalypse scenarios for 2012 involve natural disasters, and claim verification by either science or history. While we at Apocalypse U believe the 2012 scenarios have been sufficiently debunked by professional science, we would nonetheless be remiss in our duties and biased in our coverage if we did not allow you to make up your own minds.

The main cataclysms predicted in 2012 are one or a combination of: a coronal mass ejection (CME) and/or solar flares; a geomagnetic reversal; the near-passing or collision with planet X; the eruption of a super volcano; the star Betelgeuse going supernova; the Earth’s tectonic plates “coming loose” and floating freely over the liquid-iron outer core; and the “Galactic Alignment” in late 2012, which adherents say will either cut the Earth off from good radiation or bathe it in harmful radiation. Most of these are supposed to be related to the Galactic Alignment event in some way or another.

As always: make up your own mind. But we are confident that our students will not have to postpone any graduation parties on 22nd December next year.

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