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At Apocalypse University, we maintain a neutral religious stance in all matters and scenarios.  Our ethical stance is simply a desire to assist the future survivors of whichever scenario(s) causes the modern world to come crashing down. This site is about how to survive during and after the apocalypse, but we take no position regarding spiritual beliefs in Armageddon, Ragnarok, etc.  We realise full-well that “Apocalypse” is originally a Judaeo-Christian term, but we judge it to have sufficiently entered the secular vocabulary to be used in a purely secular context such as this.

A crucial difference between Apocalypse U and the myriad lunatic fringe websites which proclaim the End is coming, is that we do not know exactly when it will all – metaphorically – go to hell. We have no idea how many seconds it is until midnight, and we do not claim to. What we do know is that the human world is headed for a catastrophe of hideous proportions. However we believe specifying a date and time for this event is a fool’s errand. There are simply too many variables involved, not to mention too much bias and/or misinterpretation from faiths and historical texts. In preparing for the apocalypse, we think it would be terribly ironic if you were to give yourself a heart attack from the words of cultists and buffoons. Despite our differences with such individuals, we will try to keep you updated on current events on the apocalypse calendar.

All are welcome at Apocalypse U. On moral grounds for starters, but it is also plainly practical.  When the world’s population is reduced from 7 billion to an unspecified fraction of that, destructive conflicts over race, colour, creed et al will seem even more ludicrous than they do today. We can only hope that the majority of survivors understand the need for unity rather than segregation.  In the meantime, feel free to browse and contribute, and know that whoever you are, your input is appreciated.  Perhaps one day many of us will discuss this topic beside a bonfire, which our tribe has prepared in recognition of the anniversary of the Great Flame.

In several of the apocalypse scenarios, widespread violence is a foregone conclusion. Where conflict is not implicit, it will nonetheless arise to some degree, due mostly to mankind’s tenacious drive for whatever resources remain available.  Despite this, Apocalypse U refrains from combat or weapons training.  This website is dedicated to survival, not domination; coexistence, not a legacy of bloodshed.  We make occasional and minor exceptions to this rule when dealing with zombies or aliens, but never with humans.

A valid question to ask upon finding Apocalypse U is: “What makes the world’s current plight any worse than its previous ones?” In other words, if humanity finds itself submerged in a new Dark Age, history has shown that it would eventually climb out again, albeit slowly. The answer is that in our era there is a crucial difference from prior social precipices. Never before has human civilization been so totally dependant on technology and on limited natural resources – resources which grow more scarce by the hour. This crisis is also outlined in the Cultural Breakdown section. There is physically no way to restore modern civilization from the rubble without access to vast amounts of power generation for the supply of both electricity and vehicular fuel. If the Earth is to one day regain and surpass its modern apogee, it will require tremendous foresight and effort, inestimable luck and a great many years. Or it may not be possible at all. That is a potential scenario we must face. Certainly no-one at Apocalypse U is a technophobe, advocating a return to an agrarian existence. As was just noted above, a necessity for resurrecting society is certain technology which we currently do not possess but are seeking constantly – most importantly in the form of power generation. The comparatively scarce generators powered by nuclear, solar, hydro and wind input will NOT be sufficient to “reboot” a world as overdeveloped as ours, especially not when a high percentage of them are damaged or destroyed by apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic chaos. To return to the initial question: previous social collapses have been rectifiable with time and the natural evolution of society. That is no longer an option.

Something else which we consider to not be an option is the extinction of humanity. Whether modern civilization is rebuilt in decades, centuries, or never at all, humanity must endure. Not in a feral state, barely worthy of the title of homo sapiens sapiens, but as ambassadors of the world which fell while we were forced to watch. This is the ultimate goal behind Apocalypse University: to keep individuals alive in the aftermath of the cataclysm, so that communities can ensure the long-term survival of our species and civilization.