Areas of Study

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It is in the opening moments of the Apocalypse where pure instinct is most important, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be physically and mentally prepared to avoid the immediate dangers presented by Zombies, invading armies or waves of rioters in the street.  Survivalism equips you with the tools to get through those crucial first months.

Subjects include: Foraging, Navigating the Urban Landscape (parkour/cave exploration), First Aid and Basic Medicine.


Have they finally dropped “the bomb”?  Have the great cities fallen?  When infrastructure crumbles, someone need the know-how to rebuild.  Our Settlement major teaches you practical skills for living using the materials at hand.

Subjects include: Shelter Building, Agriculture, Food Science (Bread making/preservation techniques/distillation), Sailing and Fishing (in the case of global flooding or intercontinental travel).

Cultural Preservation

Is the nature of humanity at risk of being crushed by the will of an invading force?  Do you need to communicate with different tribes or even different species?  The new world will require the knowledge of humanity to survive so we don’t make the same mistakes.

Subjects include: Linguistics, Bookbinding, Document Preservation and Cataloging (library building), Post-Apocalyptic Sociology.


With the vestiges of modern technology littering the wasteland, it is sensible to learn how to maintain and restore the “tools of the ancients”.

Subjects include: Scavenging for Parts, Electrical Engineering, Vehicle Maintenance, Radio Operations, Basic Robotics (just in case…)