Cultural Preservation

By Max Plissken

Linguistics   CUPR-101 :  There are multiple reasons which make the learning of additional languages an invaluable asset.  During and after the apocalypse, you may well be in a situation where it is prudent to interact with individuals who happen not to speak your language.  Whether you have learned their particular language or not, it makes the task of learning a new language immensely easier if you have studied a second tongue. 

Literature   CUPR-102 :  The electricity which computerized data storage runs upon will be in extremely short supply following The End.  A far simpler alternative is to use books and other bound items for your record keeping and/or storytelling. CUPR-102 includes book binding; document preservation; cataloging.

Post-apocalyptic Sociology   CUPR-103 :

Oral History   CUPR-104 :  It is important to recall the events of the cataclysm with as much clarity as possible.  Future generations will not have the benefit of first-hand experience, and their conception of the Final Days could easily become distorted beyond sense.  You must ensure that your descendants understand the world’s mistakes, lest they walk the same path of destruction.  CUPR-104 includes: recalling the cataclysm; adapting modern legends (Star Wars, James Bond, Rambo, King Arthur, Jaws, Star Trek, Batman, Superman, King Kong, LOTR).

Ethics   CUPR-105 :  Without ethics, humans are no more than clever animals.  Without holding yourselves to an ethical standard in the face of total annihilation, humanity will not survive.  This subject tackles the threat posed to humanity from within, and some suitable solutions to that threat.  CUPR-105 includes: the notion of humanity; interraction with other communities; obligations for the future; equality.

Community Culture   CUPR-106 :  Cultural identity – music; art; writing; poetry; song;

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