By Max Plissken

Scavenging for Parts   ENGI-101 :  There will be no manufacturing outlets to accomodaate your engineering needs.  Any mechanical items required must be either manufactured by you or else scavenged on or off site. ENGI-101 covers:  suitable targets; safety in scavenging; disassembly vs destruction.

Electrical Engineering   ENGI-102 :

Vehicle Maintenance   ENGI-103 :  If you or your community have a working vehicle in your possession post-apocalypse, then you are among the lucky few.  Finding fuel and maintaining a working order for your vehicle will be a great advantage.  Constant usage is unwise due to the fuel shortage, unless a renewable fuel source can be located.  ENGI-103 includes:  engine; brakes; steering; electronics.

Radio Operations   ENGI-104 :  Radios are not only camparatively simple to assemble, but also serve a multitude of uses.  Inter-personal communication, searching for allies, eavesdropping on aliens, the list goes on.  ENGI-104 includes:  constructing from scratch; repairing existing devices; monitoring frequencies for alien and human broadcasts.

Basic Robotics   ENGI-105 :

Energy Production   ENGI-106 :  At its most basic level, energy production is no more complex than a simple campfire.  When applied to the needs of hi-tech devices and utilities, the source may be nuclear, steam, wind, water, solar or others.  If you choose to continue using certain of the tools of pre-apocalyptic Earth, you must produce the energy to power them.  ENGI-106 includes:  fuel sources; renewability; batteries and generators.

Metalsmithing   ENGI-107 :  Your first impulse may be that the cities are vast constructions, and that therefore most of your material needs can be acquired by scavenging the urban wastelands.  Since most other people have the same impulse, the cities will soon be stripped of most useful items.  Metalsmithing is an important skill for a community to possess, particularly in anticipation of the time when scavenging no longer returns any useful metal goods.

Lens Grinding   ENGI-108 :  Very much the same description applies as for metalsmithing.  Certain members of the community will be greatly indebted to individuals who can fashion spectacles, telescopes, binoculars, etc.  And such tools will be lucky to be found once in pre-apocalyptic storage, let alone twice.

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