By Max Plissken

Shelter Building   SETT-101 :  Whether or not the urban environment has survived, the widespread chaos and violence will necessitate that you either fortify an urban stronghold or settle outside city limits.  Either course of action requires that you understand certain principles of construction.  SETT-101 covers the areas of: suitable materials; short and long term designs; basic structure schematics; choosing viable sites for permanent settlement.

Agriculture   SETT-102 :  Permanent settlements will need to rely on more than scavenging.  The larger the community, the larger and more steady the supply of food needs to be.  Agricultural products are the best way of accomplishing this, provided that they can be kept safe and unspoiled until harvest time.  SETT-102 covers: viable crops and locations; planting crops; harvest time; hiding plantations from unfriendly eyes.

Food Science   SETT-103 :  You may be surprised to discover how much nutrition can be scoured from even an apparently desolate environment.  Unpalatable water can be treated, strange ingredients can be combined into acceptable foods, etc.  The knowledge of how to preserve food is also a valuable one, as this reduces your potential waste quota.  SETT-103 includes: water distillation; bread-making; food preservation.

Clothes-making   SETT-104 :  Without hundreds of factories churning out the latest fashion designs, clothing will soon become a valuable resource.  As the shirts and jeans which bore you through the new holocaust steadily tear and disintegrate, you will turn to those who have skill with a needle and thread.  SETT-104 covers: suitable materials; salvaging damaged garments; making new clothes.

Community Mentality   SETT-105 :  This is not a minor skirmish or even a major war which you are faced with.  It is the end of human civilisation as you have known it.  When bands of survivors gather together, they must be aware of their responsibilites to their species.  Survival, unity and growth are the concepts which must govern your actions.  Striving to assemble an empire from the ashes will serve only to destroy any chance humanity may have of one day returning to its technological apogee.  SETT-105 includes: the importance of unity; community growth; the question of religion.

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