By Max Plissken

Foraging   SURV-101 :  The end of society heralds the end of the megacorporations. Among other things, this means ‘no supermarkets’. Military and security forces will be occupied with more pressing concerns than distributing humanitarian aid.  Put it all together and you’ll find that you need to find nourishment for yourself.  SURV-101 covers: finding food and water in urban and rural environments; methods of water extraction.

Navigating the Urban Landscape   SURV-102 :  The cities have been laid waste and most of the population is either dead or on the run.  But the vast cities of the Ancients will continue to hold valuable supplies for a post-apocalyptic individual or community.  The secret lies in knowing where and how to look.  SURV-102 covers aspects such as: lock-picking; cave-exploration; abandoned structures’ potential uses; stealth.

First Aid and Basic Medicine   SURV-103 :  Since this IS the end of the world as we know it, chances are more than likely that you and those with you will end up getting wounded at some point.  Having someone present who has first aid training can be tactically vital if your group is organizing its movements around an injured team member.  All forms of medical training are especially valuable in an aftermath environment, where there are no active hospitals and no universities churning out new doctors.  SURV-103 covers: medically helpful tools and items; common wounds/treatments; common infections/treatments.

Hunting and Fishing   SURV-104 :  Scavenging from the cities will serve you only so far.  Such methods cannot sustain large populations, nor can they last  beyond the city’s initial food surplus.  If there is a sufficient animal/fish population in your region, you should begin to add it to your diet.  SURV-104 covers: making spears, bows, blades and traps; animal behaviour; the arts of hunting and fishing.

Cooking and Food Storage   SURV-105 :  You cannot afford to waste a drop of water or a crumb of bread in this new environment.  Food prioritising and storage are important lessons.  Of equal importance is the knowledge to make foods from various sources.  SURV-105 covers: making fire; foods which last; post-apocalyptic recipes; storage.

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