NASA’s Asteroid field trip

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 The University of Arizona is seeking a NASA contract for a mission to send an unmanned craft to the asteroid designated 1999 RQ36.

<read why UA and NASA are curious about the nature of asteroids within our solar sytem>

The craft would take samples of the asteroid and return them to Earth for study (hopefully under quarantine, for those of you who remember how that fiasco with The Blob got started). One of the goals of the mission is to determine what kind of collision threat the asteroid poses to this planet. It is one of over a thousand asteroids which have been classified as potentially hazardous to Earth. A precise figure is difficult to quote since different authors seem to have different definitions of the term “hazardous”. So far none of these asteroids resembles the computer-generated planet killers of Deep Impact (1998) or Armageddon (1998).

There does exist an extremely low, but nonetheless real threat from the asteroid 99942 Apophis (yes, named after the bad guy in Stargate SG-1).

Its diameter of about 885 ft is scarcely comparable to the monstrous 6 mile-wide asteroid which is thought to have annihilated the dinosaurs, but it would still cause vast destruction if it were to impact in 2036, as is possible.

Judgement Day already? Did I miss it?

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May 21st 2011 at 6pm? It’s come and gone with no more chaos than your standard daily Terran fare. It was never nearly as much “Apocalypse” in the news as it was an excuse to scrutinize some religious eccentrics. And while the earthquakes and tsunamis predicted by Harold Camping failed to appear, his betrayal of trust has been the source of much despair already.

<2 suicides so far by believers in Harold Camping’s prophecies>

So many lessons can be learned from such a debacle, but the priority of Apocalypse U is preparation for the End, so let us focus on that. Firstly, one should always remain aware of the nature of religious texts. They are spiritual guides and, particularly in cases such as the New Testament and the Koran, sometimes partly biographical. They are not to be confused with the musings of soothsayers, the calculations of astrologers, or any other method of predicting future events. Mr Harold Camping’s random application of arbitrary numbers (entirely arbitrary, since sanctity does not bestow relevance) is an example of misinterpreting not only the text of a holy book, but also its core purpose. You are not preparing for the Apocalypse by putting your faith in confused ramblings and losing many of the resources you may need to make genuine preparations.

The crucial lesson to be learned is to not allow yourself to be swayed or indoctrinated by a person or persons with a message of unsubstantiated, unrealistic delusion. In all likelihood, anyone reading these words will be well aware of such a concept and not require this lesson, since the purpose behind Apocalypse U is to survive the Apocalypse, not be taken unto Heaven in its opening moments.

Remember: the precise timing of the End is not something which can be accurately predetermined. We may see the danger coming from a great distance, such as in the Cultural Breakdown scenario, or the Apocalypse may lunge upon us completely out of the blue, as in the Alien Invasion scenario. In both cases, it is impossible to pin even a specific year to the date of society’s collapse.

A recently finished film, appropriately titled “When Aliens Attack”, gives serious treatment to the question of what might happen in the event of contact with a hostile extraterrestrial force.

<read about the production and content of the film>

Interviews are provided with historians, anthropologists and military academics. The film presents a hypothetical timeline, commencing just prior to first contact and proceeding through to nine months later. The scenario presented is grim indeed for the human race. The arriving aliens conquer the planet, strip it of resources, then leave the surviving humans to eek out an existence on a barren Earth.

Speculation? Maybe. But speculation by people who know the difference between theory and fantasy. Put it this way: some people read War of the Worlds (1898), others watch Skyline (2010).

When Aliens Attack premieres on the National Geographic channel on May 22nd, and repeats on May 24th, 29th, and 31st.

In case of Zombie, break glass

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May 16th 2011 the American CDC (Centre for Disease Control) announced its advice to the public on what emergency measures to take before and during a zombie outbreak. All hypothetically speaking, of course (…?).

<view the CDC’s advice on zombies and how to survive an outbreak – before it’s too late>

As a way to help people prepare for emergency situations in general, this is a brilliant tactic. The relevant CDC blog has received exponentially more hits in a few days than previous CDC warnings received over their entire existence. Since the page is obviously interested in what its authors would call “genuine” emergencies, and uses the zombie concept only as a gimmick, it is unlikely that the announcement was influenced by any CDC awareness of clandestine undead experiments or incidents. It is conceivably a double bluff, of course, intended to heighten the public’s awareness of the zombie threat, even if only at the subconscious level.

It’s a Sign!

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Are you ready for the end of the world? Apocalypse University hopes to equip humanity with the skills needed to carry on after it all comes tumbling down. Structured around a number of “Doomsday Scenarios”, the classes offered by Apocalypse U will give you the edge to keep the humanity alive while society collapses around you! Zombie Outbreak? Climate Change? Alien Invasion? Superbug Pandemic? Nuclear Winter? Global Flooding? What skills would you need should “the unthinkable” occur? Apocalypse U is intended to be a fun environment for people to come together to learn skills which aren’t commonly offered. We are currently looking to get some basic courses off the ground and would love to hear from people who are keen to get involved, either as students or to help develop and facilitate courses. Please see our “Areas of Study” page to get an idea of subjects we are considering, and let us know what you think by contacting See you on the other side!

 In a recently completed documentary, Stephen Hawking has asserted his belief that contacting extraterrestrials might be too dangerous for the human race.

<read some of Hawking’s opinions and advice here>

Hawking is certain that life exists elsewhere in the universe, largely because of the mind-shattering size of the cosmos in which life might evolve. But the renowned physicist is pessimistic about the attitude which aliens might hold towards a new race. He rightly points out our own history with encountering less technologically advanced populations, and says he thinks a first contact would be similar to Columbus’ discovery of the Americas which, as we all know, did not end well for the Native Americans. Hawking is a longtime advocate of space colonization, but does not believe we should create the added risk of contacting potentially hostile alien lifeforms, via the SETI program or other methods.

You read it here first, folks (or maybe you didn’t), a man who many compare to Albert Einstein has put it plainly: if you build it, they will attack en masse.