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Given the nature of the apocalypse (namely that it hasn’t happened yet) speculative fiction is the best only source of material for study.   We have compiled a list of Post-, Mid- and Pre- apocalyptic fiction to aid students in their field of study.   Our reading list gives students a synopsis of the  text, as well as an idea of some of the themes contained therein.

What better way to understand the coming apocalypse than with references to our own culture’s fertile imagination? Indeed, fiction has proven an eerily accurate seer on occasion, such as the 1898 novella, Futility. In that novella, the fictional ocean liner Titan strikes an iceberg in the North Atlantic, on an April night while travelling too fast, and sinks with massive casualties largely due to inadequate lifeboat storage. These and other incredible similarities exist with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, 14 years after the novella’s composition.

Post Apocalyptic Texts:

Read our synopses and find our study guides for Post-Apocalyptic Movies here.

Mid-Apocalyptic Texts:

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Pre-Apocalyptic Texts:

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